Pet friendly accommodation

Posted on Wed February 17, 2021.

Our Martinique apartment is pet friendly on request and subject to our pet policy.


An additional pet fee is payable in advance 

Please see our pet policy below:

• Please confirm that you have a small breed dog and that you are able to control their behaviour

• No pets to sleep on or in the beds (you are to provide their own bedding and food bowls)

• Barking to be kept to the absolute minimum (Body Corporate rules are very strict regarding this)

• Any faeces need to be collected and disposed of in the outside bins (please take your pet out onto the lawn away from other visitors)

• Pets may not swim in the swimming pool

• Please keep your dog on a leash within the complex and outside of the property

• Pets may NOT be left unattended in the apartment at any time (please take your pet with you if you go out).

• Kindly acknowledge that your pet has been fully inoculated and is up to date with their rabies vaccination.

• All liability is for the pet owner’s account. Should any additional cleaning be required, the guest agrees to pay over an above their booking fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Should there be a complaint from either a neighbor/body corporate member permission may be revoked, and you will be asked to leave and your accommodation forfeited.  NO REFUND ON ACCOMMODATION WILL BE GRANTED.