After the KZN floods: Update and Outreach

Posted on Wed April 20, 2022.

Beachfront Apartments is up and running after the floods and the apartments are safe to visit once again! How can you help after the floods?

The strength of the KZN province and her people in the last few weeks has been inspiring to witness. The recent floods and heavy rains have brought the province together. We are amongst the fortunate in that we, and our apartments, were safe from the damage!

Other than our water supply currently being intermittent and improving daily to be more on than off (follow on our Facebook page for the latest updates), our apartments are ready and waiting for you! Fresh drinking water is easily available from local suppliers.  Restaurants in the area are open and Ballito has returned back to it's normal, beautiful self! Additionally, the roads are open and access to Beachfront Apartments are clear. The N3 and N2 have been cleared and are safe to travel on, however there may be travel delays so please check (SANRAL HOTLINE 033 – 840 8484 / 068 087 8843)

With all of that being said, I would like to reassure you that we are up-and-running, our apartments are safe and we are still taking bookings! Thank you for the concern shown, it is much appreciated.

We are safe and we are grateful! But our neighbors need our help!

I would like to introduce you to the lovely Lauren Culverwell who has been making such a difference in the community. If you are staying close to any of the following drop off points, I would like to encourage you to support this outreach initiative. Listed below are donation sites and donation ideas that you, your family and your friends can visit. Please spread the word! Alternatively, a donation via Gift of the Givers (using the reference KZN Floods) or calling 0800 786 911 would be much appreciated.

Donation sites:

- New Hanover- New Hanover Garage
- Dalton- The OK Express

- Natal Property 460 Townbush road (appropriate for Checkers60)

- Hilton Train station
- Craik Speirs Hair Company

- Restored 80 Main street

- The Spot @ The Old Mushroom Farm

Not sure what you can give?

Spring-cleaning your home is always a good way to give without spending, we know times have been hard for everyone so think of old clothing, old bedding, cooking utensils and food will all go to good use.

The most needed items are:
- Clean Drinking water
- Sanitary pads
- Nappies
- Fresh vegetables
- Rice
- Mealie Meal
- Baby food
- Tinned food
- Bread
- Blankets
- Mattresses

- Dog and cat food (Pellets or mince)
- Blankets

To end, I would like to personally thank Lauren for the difference she is making in our community and urge you and your friends to make a donation, no matter the size. Let's support KZN in these ever-trying times. Spread the word and stay safe!