Meet your Host

Melanie Kriel established Beachfront Apartments in 2017 as a natural extension of her heart for warmly welcoming visitors into her own home situated in the farming community. Renowned as a gracious host par excellence, she looks forward to sharing her refreshing portions of paradise with you.
Her exquisite bespoke self-catering getaways on the beach ensure Melanie’s guests leave with indelible memories encapsulated in a consummately tranquil environment. It is her consistent attention to detail that keeps guests returning for the abundant seaside magic they unfailingly experience.
As a member of the iLembe District Tourism Forum, Founder of the ‘Awesome Host Referral’ network, and collaborator of local businesses, Melanie is highly esteemed in her community and is widely rated as helpful, friendly, and always willing.
With her African heart that beats to the rhythm of the earth, this impassioned eco-warrior lives sustainably making every effort to reduce her family’s carbon footprint which is the pinnacle of her ethos.
Whilst her two adult children have forged their own paths; Melanie relishes her busy life alongside her husband on their farm in the Midlands. The place her four dogs and two cats believe to be heaven.
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Meet your Host Coach

Melanie founded the Awesome Hosts referral group when she didn’t want to turn a client away because her units were occupied, but instead wanted to help them by referring them to someone who would be able to provide the service.

Her purpose is to give Short Term Rental Hosts the tools and confidence to list on multiple platforms and to bring in more direct bookings while networking with fellow Hosts.

A note from Melanie:

I am excited and so proud to tell you that I’ve been shortlisted for #TheShortyz 2023 Rentalpreneur Award as a result of my passion for helping fellow Hosts to excel and for founding #awsome_hosts referral group.

My initiative fundamentally aligns with my belief that gratitude brings abundance. Being immensely grateful for the STR community and mentorship I’ve received along my journey, and wanting to pay it forward, inspired the creation of the referral group.

Why do I go out of my way to help a client that I can’t accommodate? I want our area to be the go-to destination, which means sharing guests. This concept was difficult to convince others to join, but soon hosts realised that by helping guests, they would become top-of-mind and thus contacted repeatedly for reservations. I’ve incentivized referrals which has grown the group to 63 members with over 350 properties in their portfolios.

Members regularly share tradesmen, beach reports, and travel advice. I hold regular workshops and online zoom calls to assist both new and experienced hosts to improve and grow. My abundance mindset around sharing referrals with other hosts has truly blessed me.

It’s a win-win synergy - happy guests happy hosts.

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